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"The Olive Book has been a fantastic tool that has helped me thoroughly prepare for my past and upcoming SAT’s. I came into SAT practice nervous and very unprepared, but with the Olive Book quizzes, lessons, and practice tests I am now confident and I have improved upon my test scores. In particular the Olive Book has helped me increase my skills in math and helped improve my timing. As well as this, the Olive Book’s grammar section has been great as it has solidified my understanding of grammar and again sped up my timing. Overall I have found the Olive Book to be incredibly helpful in my journey for preparing for the SAT.

Artesima B.

"The Olive Book was my main preparation for my SAT in the winter and spring. Without Olive Book, I would have been far less prepared or confident in my test-taking abilities so I am very grateful for all the resources that I was given. Olive Book really helped me brush up on a lot of math concepts I hadn’t covered recently in class, which really alleviated some of my stress.”


“My experience with Olive Book was stellar. My grandson needed SAT help quickly and everyone that I spoke with was very helpful in accomplishing that goal. According to him, the program was excellent. Anyone who is in need of Olive Book’s services should seriously consider them. I recommend them without reservation.”

Warren C.

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In Olive Book's courses, you'll engage in practice questions with animated answer explanations. You’ll study for less time because we prioritize the content most likely to be on the test—and the content most likely to give you trouble. You’ll get everything you need for the test in this one course (no other study material needed)—seriously. You’ll automatically give a student in need free access to the course when you enroll. And if you aren't thrilled with your results, we'll give you your money back. No fine print. No questions asked.

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