Florin | Roebig
Essay Contest (annual)
Total Amount: $1,500
Deadline: December 1, 2021

The law firm of Florin|Roebig knows how valuable higher education can be, not only in shaping society but in helping young people reach their long-term academic and professional goals. For this reason, they’re proud to announce a scholarship contest awarding $1,500.

Using your personal experience as a student living through a pandemic, what long term impacts will social distancing have on the overall culture of college students? What positive and negative changes can students expect to see when it comes to social interactions on campuses in the future? If social distancing, mask wearing and online events becomes the campus culture, is that good or bad? And why?

Picture for Florin | Roebig Essay Contest. A young woman standing confidently in a college hallway.

Sikdope “Music Is The Cure” ESL Scholarship
Essay Contest (One-time)
Total Amount: $3,020
Deadline: August 1, 2021

The Sikdope “Music Is The Cure” Scholarship will be awarded to a student studying in the United States, who has English as their second language.

How has learning english as a second language shaped your experience in the United States? How has music impacted your life? What are your dreams for the future, and how do you hope to bring people together?

Picture for Sikdope Scholarship contest. Sikdope performing on stage.