"My son is in 10th grade and he started using Olive Book...it is GOLD, thank you so much."
Muna S.

"I got a 30 on my ACT surely due to my practice using the Olive Book."
ACT Student

"I want to say thank you to you all from the Olive Book. I have a good expectation that this will help me to improve my ACT scores. I am an international student from Brazil and find your course has given me hope to continue the chase for my dreams at US universities. Thank you for democratized access to high-quality education."
Thaiana A.

"I work at a private tutoring company as a grammar/reading instructor. I just want to give y'all some words of encouragement. I stumbled upon your website last weekend and since then I have been sharing it with all of my students. Keep up the good work. Y'all are great!"
Emerson B.

"I love the program so far and the fact that it is self paced! Thank you so much! "
ACT Student

"Thank you for this course, it's been really helpful for me and gave me new perspectives to even a 36 at ACT math, thank you so much."
ACT Student

How much do the courses cost?

The SAT course and the ACT course are each $390 for six months of access. 

The courses are free for students demonstrating need (eligibility for free reduced school lunch) and for teachers at Title I (under-resourced) public schools and their classes, even if their districts have not signed on with The Olive Book. If this is you, contact us at info@olive-book.com.

You say that this is the only study material I need for the ACT or SAT. Can this be?

Yes. . . . and no. Hear us out:

Both courses cover all the content you need to know to get a great ACT or SAT score. If you complete at least 75% of the course (and understand all the material you studied), then we guarantee you’ll see a score increase.

The courses are designed to teach you what you need to know, not just drill you with practice. That’s why we’re confident in your success. 

However, there may be some topics in the course that you haven’t covered yet in school (if you’re younger than 11th grade) or maybe just really struggle with. You may need to seek outside help for those specific topics. 

How should I start?

The courses are self-paced, so you can start wherever you’d like. 

However, we designed the courses to be completed in the order you see them appear: Math, then English/Writing and Language, followed by Reading and then Science (ACT course only). If you want to keep things simple, start with the Math section of the course and continue, section by section, until you have completed the course. If you get tired of doing math (it's a long section!) take some time on the English/ Writing and Language section. Becoming proficient at the English/ Writing and Language section is the quickest and easiest way to raise your score. 

If you would like a more structured study schedule, check out the study schedules in the Tips and Strategies section of the course. If you use the sidebar to scroll down, you can find this section toward the bottom of the course. 

Above all, when you practice, make sure you are really learning the content covered by the practice questions. If you miss a question, take the time to figure out why you missed it. That way, you won't miss it again! Truly learning the content is the best way to ensure you raise your SAT or ACT score.

What if I need help?

If you need help with a problem in the course, you can ask your question via the Discussions feature, located on every problem in the course. One of our course creators will respond to your question in a timely manner. Please leave as much detail as possible in your question so they can answer it thoroughly!

If you have questions concerning enrollment, billing, or your account, please email us here

Are there study tips for the SAT and ACT included in the course, or just practice questions?

Yes, there are study tips included in the course! 

There are study guides for each section of the course located in the Tips and Strategies section. You’ll also find practice tests for the Math and Reading sections, as well as an official full-length practice test.

Our blog is another great resource for tips and strategies for the SAT, ACT, and college admissions. Visit the blog at www.theolivebook.com

For weekly testing tips in a video format, check out our Test Tips video series on YouTube!

Do you post tips on social media?

Funny you should ask! We share test tips, study strategies, and other helpful testing updates and information on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Can I use the course when I am not connected to the internet?

No, the course can only be accessed with an internet connection.

How do I sign up for the ACT or SAT?

To sign up for the ACT, visit their website.

To sign up for the SAT, visit their website.