If you teach 10th or 11th grade or are in charge of curriculum for students, and school is closed for the novel coronavirus, we’re here to lighten the load with The Olive Book’s SAT and ACT courses. In light of COVID-19, we've made both courses free. You can use the self-paced courses as a resource—or temporary textbook—until you can get your own curriculum online or use it to help your students stay on track for upcoming SAT and ACT tests. 

You have two enrollment options:

If all you want is for your students to quickly enroll themselves, then they can enroll here on the website by clicking the green button below. 

If you would like more information about how your students use the course, (like when they enroll, when their last sign-in was, and what percentage of the course they've completed) then we recommend you enroll your students as a group by clicking the blue button below. 


The courses cover all sections of the ACT and SAT tests with focused practice questions and practice tests, and each section of the course comes with animated explanation videos to help students fully understand the content. Students can study at their own pace or teachers can assign them specific lessons to complete.

  • Engaging Video Lessons

    Everyone is a visual learner, so many of our practice questions come with a video explanation. These aren't screen-scribbles or tripod-teachers. Each video is professionally animated and designed to help students truly understand the answer.

  • Content First

    We don't believe in wasting time. Each practice question and reading passage builds a student's understanding of the subject and works towards helping them own the content.

  • 100% Your Pace

    Because the course is online and self-guided, students can study whenever and wherever. Teachers can assign specific lessons or let students work on the areas most helpful to them.


The courses were created by a professor at Virginia Tech and a team of teachers, SAT & ACT tutors, and animators. We have a content-first mindset and believe everyone is a visual learner, so the courses are animated and visually engaging. 

In light of COVID-19, we our courses are free. Keep in mind, The Olive Book is not just about test prep - it is about teaching the material so that students will OWN the content. You know you don’t just want to fill their time, you want maximize it!